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USPA offers new projects for the development of private business in the port of Skadovsk

Thursday, 11 April 2019 | 00:00

State Enterprise “Ukraine Sea Ports Authority”, Ministry of Infrastructure together with the State Property Fund of Ukraine initiates the implementation of private business development projects in the port of Skadovsk. It is a question of restoring the effective use of berths and territories of small ports and port points under conditions of a mutually beneficial berth lease.

Right now, the website of the State Property Fund of Ukraine offers five berths for lease in the port of Skadovsk and port point “Khorly”. They can be used for servicing both cargo and passenger vessels. Potential objects of the lease also include land plots of the State Enterprise “Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port”, which, in conjunction with the berths of Skadovsk Branch of the State Enterprise “USPA”, form perspective areas for the development of the port.

Skadovsk Port has all the prerequisites for the implementation of investment projects by both Ukrainian and foreign companies. The port has a positive experience of cooperation in the field of export-import operations with Turkish partners. In addition, Skadovsk is an active alternative to the closed ports of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The port is located in a region with developed agrarian production and large reserves of high-quality sand. In the past, only the port point “Khorly” of Skadovsk port provided sand trans-shipment in the amount of about 4 million tons per year. The berths of the port are adapted for cargo storage, export-import operations and according to passport characteristics, can receive Ro-Ro type vessels.

For example, the backyard of berth No. 1 has warehouse areas of SE “Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port” with the total area of more than 7400 square meters, while the backyard of berth No. 2 has land plots for “import” and “export” vehicles with a total area of more than 25000 square meters.

In addition to cargo operations, the Skadovsk port can be used for the development of passenger transportation on the Mykolaiv-Ochakiv-Kinburn-Skadovsk line. The maritime route can be an interesting alternative for long bus or car connections. Also, these directions can be used for the development of tourist routes to Dzharylgatsky National Nature Park and the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve.

Lease of berths involves attractive lease conditions if the Lessee invests money to repair the berths. Information about the lease of berths of Skadovsk branch of SE “Ukraine Sea Ports Authority” is published on the official website of State Property Fund of Ukraine.

The USPA, in its turn, is ready to provide all potential customers who wish to lease berths and related infrastructure objects with comprehensive information about their condition, technical features, the amount of necessary reconstruction and repairs for a fully functional restoration.
Source: Ukraine Sea Ports Authority

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