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U.S. gasoline production is running near record levels


Gasoline production by U.S. refiners and blenders has run near record levels over the first seven months of 2017, with four-week rolling average production well above its five-year average and close to the top of its five-year range. U.S. gasoline

Westwood Insight: Land Rigs in Focus


Land rigs – a fragmented, undisciplined, commoditised market? Why would rig contractors and E&P companies buy land rigs when oil prices are at recent historic lows, E&P firms are reigning-in Capex and there is seemingly an awful lot of idle

LR joins project to build world’s biggest sailing cargo ship


Lloyd's Register (LR) has joined the Quadriga sustainable shipping project – an initiative from Hamburg-based Sailing Cargo, which aims to build the world's biggest sailing cargo ship.

The project outlines a plan to build a 170-metre car carrier, capable of carrying

Global Product Demand Growth to Decelerate Significantly by 2022


In its recent five-year outlook on petroleum products, ESAI Energy projects global product demand growth to decelerate significantly by 2022. In its outlook, ESAI Energy highlights the effects of a changing global vehicle fleet on gasoline and diesel demand.

As the

IBIA supports continued efforts to protect MFM integrity and expanding application to terminal loadings


The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) believes the benefits achieved from adopting mandatory use of Mass Flow Meters (MFMs) for marine fuel oil deliveries in Singapore must be protected by effective enforcement, and that using approved MFMs to measure quantity

Black Sea region countries ratings H1 2017


Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria handled 1 317 490 TEU in H1 2017, including empty containers, excluding transshipment.

This review observes only full containers of the region – 992 409 TEU. Total growth achieved by these five

Two more BP projects begin production


BP today confirmed the start of production from another two of the seven Upstream major projects that it expects to come online in 2017. Five of these seven projects have now started up.

Juniper in Trinidad and Persephone in Australia follow

Five Year Oil Outlook Sees Tenuous Balance


In its recent Five-Year Outlook, ESAI Energy points out that the call on OPEC crude will remain under tremendous pressure over the next five years. The outlook projects non-OPEC supply of crude oil and condensate to add about 2.3 million

The Strait of Malacca, a key oil trade chokepoint, links the Indian and Pacific Oceans


Nearly one-third of the 61% of total global petroleum and other liquids production that moved on maritime routes in 2015 transited the Strait of Malacca, the second-largest oil trade chokepoint in the world after the Strait of Hormuz. Petroleum and

FIS Technical – Brent October


Resistance – 52.74, 52.92, 54.67

Brent October Futures

Support- 51.81, 51.78, 50.19

Stochastic Daily 88.

Stochastic weekly 65. Trend – Bullish
Brent futures continue in a bull trend making higher highs and higher lows. We have now entered into a

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