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Tankers: Persian Gulf Fixtures Dominate “Festivities”


Since last week’s attacks in the Gulf of Oman political tensions remained high, leading owners and charterers trying to determine practical ways to continue fixing in the Middle East Gulf. After a slow start, deals started emerging. Rates shifted

Defining the future


According to Kalmar’s vision, the future is digitalised, with driverless, electrified machines that feature integrated serviceability. Kalmar’s Future Generation equipment will be modular, built on a unified platform with common components. A revolutionary new design approach enables higher-density space use

OPEC’s battle for control of the oil market


Oil supply is confounding expectations. We have just raised our forecasts for non-OPEC production, the latest in a series of incremental increases. Cumulatively, we've increased volumes for 2025 by an astonishing 9 million b/d compared with our forecasts in 2016,

Service Companies Can Flex Their Muscles Again


After several years in the doldrums, oilfield service companies are beginning to raise prices for their products and services, according to Rystad Energy.

“Oil and gas investments are on the rise, and so too is the pricing power of service companies.

The Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important oil transit chokepoint


The Strait of Hormuz, located between Oman and Iran, connects the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important oil chokepoint because of the large volumes of oil

Singapore Faces Challenging Demand Shift from IMO 2020


ESAI Energy’s recently released Global Fuels 12-month Outlook highlights how Asia will bear the brunt of the demand shift caused by the International Maritime Organization’s new sulfur cap for shipping fuels in 2020. Asia makes up 40 percent of global

BPA: Ports’ Open-Loop Scrubber Concerns Must Be Addressed


The impact of open-loop scrubbers on sediments in harbour areas remains unclear. That is concerning many in the ports industry, says Mark Simmonds from the British Ports Association.

The words ‘port infrastructure' usually conjure up images of quay walls, breakwaters, roads

OPEC Meeting Preview


The OPEC+ countries will not be able to increase their collective oil production levels in the second half of 2019 without having a detrimental effect on oil prices. However, the production cuts required by OPEC+ in order to support prices

How digitalization can help to meet IMO2020 regulations


IMO2020 is getting closer and the currently discussed approaches to meet IMO2020 requirements will generate additional pressure to the industry and thus put many shipping and commodity trading companies in a challenging situation. But how can digitalization help to meet

Leanships project with Wärtsilä & partners achieves 3.5% fuel savings for ships with CPPs


The technology group Wärtsilä, the Netherlands based Maritime Research Institute MARIN and Italian ship owner Grimaldi, have together successfully designed an Energy Saving Device (ESD), suitable for use by ships with Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPPs). Following model tests, and subsequent

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