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Capital Ship Management becomes the first LRQA client worldwide to have MRV Monitoring Plan assessed


Capital Ship Management Corp. completed the first accredited assessment of their MRV monitoring plan for the vessel M/T ‘Alkiviadis' on March 7 2017. The assessment was performed by the world's leading provider of professional assurance services, LRQA, which is a

Zero-Emissions Natural Gas Engine Now Operating at Ports of Long Beach/Los Angeles


Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI), one of largest drayage trucking companies in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, has begun using one of the first Cummins Westport (CWI) ISX12 G low NOx natural gas engines for their trucking

The consequences of excluding consequential loss


Most commercial contracts contain provisions limiting liability or excluding certain categories of liability for breach of contract. More often than not, you will find one or both parties seeking to exclude liability for “consequential loss”.

Time and time again, in breach

Black Sea Container Market Up by 9.63%


Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria handled 2 460 028 TEU in 2016, including empty containers, excluding transshipment.

This review observes only full containers of the region – 1 785 618 TEU. Total growth achieved by these

Uncertain Times Offshore Nigeria?


In 2011, Nigerian oil production stood at 2.55m bpd (of which 71% was offshore), accounting for 7.1% of total OPEC oil production (and 40% of West African offshore oil production). Since then, Nigerian oil production has been eroded by exposure

US Gasoline Demand Poised To Decline By Over 1.7 million b/d By 2030


Following strong demand growth in 2015 and 2016, US gasoline demand surpassed its 2007 peak to reach 9.4 million b/d—nearly half of the country’s total refined product demand. However, gasoline demand may be nearing a new peak according to Andrew

Shell Is First Lubricants Supplier To Secure MPA Act Accreditation


Shell Marine has become the first company involved in the development, supply and support of marine lubricants to receive accreditation under the International Marine Purchasing Association's IMPA ACT Sustainable Maritime Suppliers scheme. The preferred supplier status is conferred within the

Despite growth late in the year, U.S. crude oil production decreased in 2016


Despite increasing crude oil prices throughout most of 2016, total U.S. crude oil production in 2016 was below its 2015 level. However, monthly production began growing in the fourth quarter of the year after declining over the first three quarters.

Bunker Quantity Disputes – Mass Flow Meters


The introduction of mass flow meters (MFM) for bunker operation in Singapore is a welcome development. Unfortunately it appears that although the equipment has changed, the behaviour of some unscrupulous suppliers has not.

The main objective of supplying bunkers through the

Brent – Life on the Road Again


2017 will see the start of the process of decommissioning the iconic Brent oil production platforms in the UK sector of the North Sea. The first of the four Brent platforms, Brent Bravo, first started producing oil from the underlying

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