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We4Sea certified for CO2 Emission Monitoring for shipsCompliance of MRV and IMO DCS module verified by Verifavia


We4Sea, a maritime technology start-up, focussed on increasing the fuel efficiency and lower the emissions of seagoing ships, is now officially certified by Verifavia for both IMO-DCS as EU-MRV emission monitoring.

We4Sea developed a world’s first non-Capex fuel monitoring solution, to

Kalmar: The $17 billion market opportunity


What if in the future the world’s biggest container handling company didn’t even touch physical containers?

The ongoing convergence of key disruptive technologies such as AI, the IoT, machine learning, augmented reality and blockchain is expected to lead to an autonomous

East Mediterranean projects take steps towards adoption of alternative fuels


Three European Commission co-funded initiatives – Poseidon Med II, CYnergy and Elemed – are driving forward the uptake of alternative fuels in the Eastern Mediterranean region. LR has a key role in each of these projects, which you can find

The changing U.S. energy trade balance is still dominated by crude oil imports


During the past decade, the U.S. trade gap for energy products has narrowed. From 2003 to 2007, the value of energy imports was about 10 times greater than the value of exports. By 2017, imports were only about 1.5 times

OOCL Fleet Moves Forward to Meet IMO 2020 Regulation


Over the years, the industry has seen an increasing amount of attention given to the environmental impact from the global supply chain, resulting in regulations on emissions control and environmental protection becoming more stringent and widespread across the world.

May it

China Mega-Refineries Barely Impact Diesel Supply


China will add 900,000 b/d of crude distillation capacity between late 2018 and early 2019, but China’s overall production of transport fuels will grow less than one might think, according to ESAI Energy’s newly released China Watch. Most notably, ESAI

VLCC Tanker Market Retreats After Recent Rebound


Charterers took a step back last week after previously frenetic activity. In the Middle East Gulf rates peaked at WS 85 for 270,000mt to China, and then softened to low WS 80s, as owners await the November Saudi program.

The costs of greenhouse gas reduction in shipping


Who wouldn't want to know how much reducing shipping’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will all cost? It's a buzz word (or a statement) resonating amongst stakeholders, public policy forums and private industry alike.

Following the achievement made by the IMO in

IEA Sees Market Well Supplied


Both global oil demand and supply are now close to new, historically significant peaks at 100 mb/d, and neither show signs of ceasing to grow any time soon. Fifteen years ago, forecasts of peak supply were all the rage, with

OPEC cuts forecast for global oil demand growth in 2019


Crude Oil Price Movements
In September, the OPEC Reference Basket increased sharply by almost 7%, or $4.92 m-o-m, to average $77.18/b the highest since October 2014. Crude oil futures prices also increased for the month, mainly supported by geo-political tension,

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