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Gibson tanker report – African Products Pull


The dynamics in the product tanker market are continuously evolving. For many years the main driver behind the Atlantic product

Gibson tanker report – Venezuela’s Challenges


For those of us, who are involved in the tanker market, interest in Venezuela is not just a case of

Gibson tanker report – “The Big Green Tsunami”


Perhaps we are all getting a little tired of reading about various warnings about the implementation of the new global

Gibson tanker report – Asian Products Push


Product tankers trading in the Far East are having a better second half of 2017 relative to the first half,

Gibson tanker report – To Order or Not to Order?


Earlier this year a rebound in tanker ordering activity had been observed, at a time of plenty of new deliveries

Gibson tanker report – The Road to Rebalancing


Sentiment in the oil market has changed. Brent, which just a few months ago struggled to stay above $50/bbl now

Gibson tanker report – Long Haul Boost


One of the headlines in the international press in recent weeks has been the surge in US crude exports to

Gibson tanker report – Peace Pipe still Smoking


The Canadian government has long harboured the ambition to be able to export crude without the need to rely almost

Gibson tanker report – Iraqxit?


This week’s non-binding independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan may do little to change the semi-autonomous region’s crude output in

Gibson tanker report – WS100 to Rise at Last


Over the past couple of years the tanker industry has witnessed major fluctuations in Worldscale flat rates. On long haul

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