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Gibson tanker report – Taxing Times Ahead


According to data provided by Reuters, China’s crude oil imports and refinery processing in Q1 2017 have reached new highs

Gibson tanker report – The Longest Yard


For crude tankers, voyages from the Caribbean to Asia via the Cape of Good Hope are generally considered the longest

Gibson tanker report – Crunch Time


The global oil markets have been digesting the impact of the OPEC led production cuts, which were hoped, would push

Gibson tanker report – The Long and Short of It


Last week saw the release of the IEA’s medium term oil market report which provides a useful insight into the

Gibson tanker report – And the Winner is?


The date is sometime in 2020, the event is the annual Alternative Fuels award ceremony held in front of a

Gibson tanker report – Float, Rebalance and Flirt with Backwardation


The decision taken by OPEC in November 2016 to take back control is starting to have an effect. Promised production

Gibson tanker report – Sun sets on Japanese dirty imports


The Japanese refining industry has been experiencing challenging circumstances for a number of years, with significant rationalisation of

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Gibson tanker report – MRs: Hope on the Horizon


The developments in the MR segment (25,000 to 55,000 dwt) have been rather disappointing since early 2016. TCE earnings across

Gibson tanker report – LR Demand Difficulties


There has always been a compelling story being told about how larger product carriers are the future, in particular the

Gibson tanker report – Is the curtain up on US Crude Exports?


Hardly had the creases fallen out of the new drapes in the Oval Office, when the new president commenced overturning

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