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GMS: Green Briefing

Sunday, 19 May 2019 | 20:00

In celebration of World Earth Day on April 22, GMS proudly demonstrated its support for environmental protection through sustainability initiatives in Alang. To increase green cover near the recycling yards and highlight the positive impact each individual can have on the Earth, the GMS Green Team distributed tree saplings to workers to plant near their labor colonies.

As part of its Responsible Ship Recycling Program (RSRP), GMS supplies workers at ship recycling yards with the knowledge to safely undertake their daily operations through topical training sessions led by experts.

The first training of the month occurred at Plot No. 152-153 in Alang for workers to learn the appropriate first aid procedure for various types of injuries. A health, safety & environment (HSE) member taught thirty participants how to properly treat burns, clean and dress wounds to avoid infections and help someone suffering from heatstroke. Workers were also trained in the airway, breathing & circulation (ABC) approach in the unfortunate case a person is unconscious as well as how to use a stretcher. Finally, the contents of a First Aid box and common medicines were explained to further address the need for each worker to be equipped with basic medical knowledge.

The next training focused on the safe operation of magnetic cranes and taught 12 crane operators and helpers at S.N. Corporation yard in Chittagong the risks and how to mitigate them through case analyses and group discussions. They also gained a greater awareness of the roles and responsibilities of each worker and which pratices and precautions each of them should take while navigating the crane.

The last session of the month at Namreen Enterprise in Chittagong trained supervisors and foremen on cleanliness and tidiness to create a safer work environment. A major point of study was the safe storage of reusable materials recovered during the recycling process. Awareness of environmental pollutants and their proper management was also key in informing the participants of their important role in keeping the earth clean. As people with leadership roles in the yards, supervisors and foremen have environment, health & safety (EHS) responsibilities to adhere to in order to follow certain safety protocols and properly care for their employees which were reiterated to them during the training.
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