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Martechnic Navigation Presents System For Potable Water Quality Management On-board

Monday, 06 May 2019 | 16:00

Our systems treats the water just before entering the glass or the cooking equipment removing the harmful contaminants and sediments that, based on our experience, are present in most vessel’s water networks (i.e. tanks and piping). In addition our systems provide a sufficient solution to the unwanted situation of the usually unattended shipment of bottled water, which doesn’t ensure the correct transportation conditions indicated in bottled water labels (i.e. store / transport the bottle in dry and cool place below 18°C, out of direct sunlight and away from toxic chemicals).

Installing Aquarius Plus systems on board assist company to move towards to more environmental friendly practices by removing a large amount of plastic bottles from the environment and the relevant power consumption necessary for the production. For example with 25 persons crew x 2 bottles (1,5lt) per day / person x
365 days = 18.250 bottles / year. Our resent research, getting the prices from a number of ports (Piraeus, Brazil/Santos, Canada/Vancouver, Panama, Chile and China, we calculate that the estimate average price for 1,5 lt bottle is 0,395 EURO.

For realistic analysis of the current costs of potable water supply you should include the additional costs related with the transportation of the bottled water on board (i.e.cost for barges and trucks), the storage and the waste management (i.e. cost for plastic bottle handling with compactors, trash bags and waste management companies).

As a result, your company has a saving, your crew has a healthy water to drink and cook and your contribution to the environment protection is invaluable.
Aquarius Plus and Aquarius Plus Kitchen have been already operating to a number of well known Greek shipping companies.

An out line of the advantages of our systems are indicated below:

Technical Advantages

Removal of over 95% of total diluted solid particles, 99% of all organic substances, destroy about 99,99 % of bacteria, virus and other microbe
Reduce upto99% of chlorine
Reduce effectively lead, mercury and radium to the potable water
Certified for removal of more infective factors bad for the health comparing system based only to activated carbon filters
Use of filter of control able addition of metallic ingredients like magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), sodium (Na) and fluorine (F),demanding ingredients for the healthy grown of the human body
Improves the flavor, smell and limpidity of the water.
Improves the flavor of drinks and foods
Uses control instrument to measure quality of water as well as the status of the filters
Sufficient water flow for reduced filling time for bottles and glasses
Long period of filter lifetime
Compact / robust design ( Aquarius Plus: Stainless steel casing INOX 304) in order to conserves pace and with stand harsh sea environment and hits
Easy use, installation and replacing of filters by crew
Possibility for additional stages ( Aquarius Plus Kitchen)
Strong Reference list in Greek market
Costs lower than bottled water per year , cost for transportations , cost for waste management etc
NSF® ( National Sanitation Foundation ) International standards water storage tank and filters
FDA® ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ) approved polypropylene made flat cap housing ( double O-ring )
NTUA Approval

Source: Martechnic Navigation

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