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Construction of jetties
Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Singapore

The working period for the construction of jetties off Jurong Island Causeway has been extended.

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Port Marine Notice No.028 of 2019 dated 11 March 2019, the work will now be conducted 24 hours daily – including Sundays & Public Holidays – from 15 March to 14 September, at the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum):
1) 01 deg. 17.976’N / 103 deg. 42.719’E
2) 01 deg. 17.976’N / 103 deg. 42.802’E
3) 01 deg. 17.894’N / 103 deg. 42.802’E
4) 01 deg. 17.894’N / 103 deg. 42.986’E
5) 01 deg. 17.810’N / 103 deg. 42.986’E
6) 01 deg. 17.810’N / 103 deg. 42.770’E
7) 01 deg. 17.590’N / 103 deg. 42.769’E
8) 01 deg. 17.555’N / 103 deg. 42.784’E
9) 01 deg. 17.526’N / 103 deg. 42.910’E
10) 01 deg. 17.473’N / 103 deg. 42.898’E
11) 01 deg. 17.494’N / 103 deg. 42.809’E
12) 01 deg. 17.506’N / 103 deg. 42.806’E
13) 01 deg. 17.505’N / 103 deg. 42.752’E
14) 01 deg. 17.533’N / 103 deg. 42.730’E
15) 01 deg. 17.560’N / 103 deg. 42.719’E
16) 01 deg. 17.588’N / 103 deg. 42.715’E

The construction of jetties involves piling and concrete structural work. The safety zone is a circular area of 30m radius centered at the jack-up barge. Safety boats will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other craft about the work.

When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to:
a) Keep well clear of the working area;
b) Maintain a proper lookout;
c) Proceed at a slow speed and to navigate with caution;
d) Maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 25 (Pasir Panjang Control);
e) Communicate with Pasir Panjang Control on VHF Channel 25 for assistance, if required.

For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at [email protected]

Port extends incentive to all Green Award-certified liquid bulk tankers
Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has decided to make the incentive applicable to Green Award ships more accessible. Rotterdam now offers a discount to all oil, chemical, products, LNG and LPG tankers holding the Green Award certificate…

…Every liquid bulk carrier of any size enrolled to Green Award [now benefits] from a discount on the vessels’ port dues when calling at Rotterdam. A discount of 15% on the vessels’ port dues related to the GT-size will apply. The Port Authority has also facilitated the pay-out process and will introduce a new system which makes claiming incentives unnecessary. The incentive will soon be automatically awarded upon notification by the agent that a vessel with a Green Award certificate is calling at the port…

Green Award is a certification and incentives program for shipping that was established in 1994… …The Port of Rotterdam was one of the founding fathers of Green Award and its very first incentive provider…

(For information about operations in Rotterdam contact GAC Netherlands at [email protected])

Source: Extract from Green Award ( announcement

Coordinated action to mitigate the effect of a hard Brexit
Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Municipality of Vlaardingen and highways authority Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management), are creating five new buffer parking sites. Trucks will be able to wait here temporarily if their customs documents have not been properly prepared for maritime crossings to the United Kingdom (UK), in the event of the country leaving the European Union on 29 March 2019.

The aim of the coordinated action is to minimise any extra delay resulting from additional customs formalities at ferry and shortsea terminals and to ensure freight traffic to the UK runs as smoothly as possible… …Additionally, more intensive passport checks and inspections by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority could mean longer processing times at terminals…

…Of the approximately 54 million tonnes of freight that is traded annually between the UK and the Netherlands, around 40 million tonnes passes through the port of Rotterdam, and in particular via ferry and shortsea crossings. As soon as Brexit is a fact, the Dutch sea ports will form an outer border between the EU and the UK and this will have major consequences, in particular for the processing of customs papers and passport control.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the ferry terminals in Rotterdam jointly arranged for a simulation study to be conducted into the effects of Brexit on the processing of freight traffic at and on the approach to the terminals… …The results of this simulation study have allowed a substantiated estimate of the required number of temporary buffer parking places for heavy goods vehicles to be made. The figures mean the authorities can expect that the 700 additional spaces provided at buffer parking sites will be sufficient…

…The Port Authority, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Rijkswaterstaat are advising exporters, hauliers and shippers to use Portbase to provide digital notification of their cargo that is destined for the UK. Using this Dutch supply chain solution for Brexit, cargo can pass quickly and without unnecessary delay through customs to and from the UK, even after Brexit.

(For information about operations in the Rotterdam, contact GAC Netherlands at [email protected])

Source: Extracts from Port of Rotterdam press release dated 11 March 2019 – see full release at

Source: GAC

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