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Digitalisation Mishandling Poses Control Risk

Friday, 07 February 2020 | 16:00

A new report on digitalising the port call process has said that there is a challenge for current stakeholders in the maritime sector to implement digitalisation and to adopt common, interoperable data standards or to risk losing control in the logistic chain.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report includes analysis of the complexity of port call operations, how roles are likely to change and evolve with digitalisation and the role of maritime authorities in collaborative data sharing, current and future digital solutions and PortCDM.

Speaking about controlled digitalisation, the report said: “A question for those currently involved is whether progress in standardised digitalisation will be fast enough or whether some of the major suppliers of goods or services, and others, or some countries will impose their own arrangements, including, in-effect, the control of shipping companies and ports at strategic places in the world using their own systems and procedures.”

The report notes that enhanced digital collaboration is seeing many ports become smart ports. It stressed that the expectations placed on these ports means it becomes essential for them to be connected to the global supply chain and this can be enabled through the introduction of digitalisation and enhanced procedures of collaboration and data sharing,

“PortCDM and port call optimisation promote the necessary cultural development of collaboration necessary to achieve environmental and efficiency gains in port call operations and to establish ports as an integrated hub in the global transport chain,” pointed out the report.

It notred that a challenge for digitalisation, standardisation and data sharing in the port operations environment is the absence of bodies that can strongly influence standardisation.
Source: Platts

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