Friday, 10 July 2020 | 15:10
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Panama City Port Authority executive director says port is “low-risk” operation regarding COVID-19

Monday, 09 March 2020 | 16:00

Now that the coronavirus has arrived in the state, Governor Ron DeSantis wants to make sure Florida’s ports are prepared.

Wayne Stubbs was one of several sea port representatives on a recent conference call with the governor to brief and prepare the state’s sea and airports.

The Panama City Port Authority trades international cargo like copper, steel, and paper to and from places like Mexico, Europe and China.

Stubbs said the biggest concern for ports right now are cruise ships, and luckily for the Panama City Port, that’s a concern it does not have to deal with.

“The cargo that we handle here- none of it is coming directly in from those countries that have a large amount of outbreak of the virus. So nothing coming directly in from China, nothing coming directly in from Italy. We have some exports to China and some exports to Italy but those ships are not coming here to load from those countries. They’re loading from other countries and then going off to those markets,” said Stubbs.

He added that he does not think the port poses a risk to the community and considers it a low-risk operation.
Source: WJHG

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