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Unique virtualisation and visualisation platform to be presented at Europort

Friday, 01 November 2019 | 17:00

New technologies are impacting the maritime industry rapidly. However, it is not always clear how companies can reap the benefits of these new systems and methods in practical terms. Many understand that ‘emerging technologies’ (in fact: hardware and software) will redefine the way we do business and will generate new machines, new ships and new onshore/offshore tools for operating, monitoring and maintenance. Alewijnse Marine’s team of developers joined these opportunities to help shipbuilders, shipowners and crew in taking that step together.

In the past 18 months, Alewijnse’s engineers and developers, together with a leading global dredging and offshore construction company, have developed, introduced and realized a brand new digital platform that makes multiple ship’s systems more easily available and visually attractive and makes the large number of existing physical hardware obsolete: AlViVi (Alewijnse Virtualisation & Visualisation).

Less computers, less KVM, less cables
In concrete terms, it replaces a lot of computers and Keyboard, Video & Mouse equipment and reduces cabling (Alewijnse’s traditional strength) on board the vessel, thereby also reducing time and cost. AlViVi can visualise multiple ship’s systems on individual screens. At the same time, a single system can also be selected for display on multiple screens around the vessel.

In summary, AlViVi, a first in the maritime industry, is a central digital platform on the ship which integrates all the mission equipment process systems and shows the relevant data to all networked screens on board. By using this platform, uptime is maximal and maintenance time is reduced significantly. Hence, the installed base is reduced while creating ultimate flexible solutions – in short, you can do more with less.

New personnel
Currently Alewijnse is looking for new colleagues. At Europort, we’re there to talk to anyone interested in bringing technical solutions to the dredging, offshore, naval and superyacht industries.

Alewijnse offers the full scope of electrotechnical vessel hardware and software development, production, integration, installation and maintenance. At the event, from 5-8 November, we aim to engage daily with visitors about their views, questions and needs in these fields.

We are active (and have been for 130 years!) in many maritime markets and are especially strong in the following segments: Dredging, Yachting, Offshore, and Naval. Of course, Alewijnse will showcase AlViVi at Europort and demonstrate how it answers customers’ needs in practice.
Source: Alewijnse Marine

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