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ClassNK releases Guideline for Survey and Facilities/Equipment of LNG Bunkering Ships


Leading Classification Society ClassNK released its Guideline for Survey and Facilities/Equipment of LNG Bunkering Ships, which outline the additional safety requirements of liquefied gas carriers that supply LNG fuel at sea.

The number of LNG-fueled ships has been increasing in recent

An In-Depth Look at How Crude Oil is Moved Around the World


Following the extraction of crude oil from the ground, it must then be transported to where it needs to be. The logistical infrastructure responsible for the worldwide transportation of crude oil is staggering, to say the very least.

There are a

Rotterdam: Arrangements for moderate increase in port tariffs extended by one year


The three-year arrangement on port tariff increases that exists between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the relevant market parties, represented by Deltalinqs and VRC, is to be extended by one year. As has been the case from 2018 to

Combining AI and people skills will be key to post-pandemic growth


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed and accelerated underlying trends in remote working, global travel, technological advancement and AI. The most innovative companies are capitalising on these trends.

At the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, some 2.6 billion people

A short-term problem with limited impact on the port industry’s valuation


Supply chains generally tend to be well orchestrated for moving goods across global networks. Any short-term disruption can lead to bottlenecks as is the case with port congestion these days. Port congestions are not new to the industry and have

Next in the print queue: critical engine parts


What was the last thing you printed? While for many of us it’s likely to be a work document or a pile of handouts, the research engineers at the Wärtsilä Hub for Additive Manufacturing (WHAM) has moved into another dimension

EIA: Annual Energy Outlook Retrospective Review


The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects U.S. energy production, consumption, and prices each year in the Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). Every two years, EIA also produces the AEO Retrospective Review (AEO Retrospective). The AEO Retrospective compares recent history with

Prolonged waiting periods of vessels carrying Australian coal to China


Prolonged waiting periods of vessels carrying Australian coal to China: cargo hazards and precautions while waiting to discharge coal.

The Club has learned that a number of ships loaded with Australian coal are experiencing significant delays in receiving authorisation to discharge

COVID-19 Accelerates Drive For Digitisation Of Shipping


During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been much discussion about how digitisation has been critical to keep supply chains moving and enable the continued smooth operations of transportation networks, shipping and ports.

The realisation is that digitisation of shipping and logistics

Tailwinds of 2020


Shipping has faced some historically significant challenges this year, we opened the year with IMO2020, the greatest change in fuel regulation in this century and we end the year still trying to come to grips with crew changes in such

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