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Chevron Marine Lubricants to put Global Sulphur Cap and cylinder oil lubrication in the spotlight

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 00:00

Chevron Marine Lubricants will use this edition of the Nor-Shipping international maritime trade show held in Oslo, Norway between June 3-7, to explore IMO 2020 solutions including the new Taro® Ultra range of Global Sulphur Cap-ready cylinder oil lubricants, drip oil analysis DOT.FAST® testing program and FAST™ equipment condition monitoring service.

As the global shipping industry prepares for the arrival of the Global Sulphur Cap in January 2020, the operation of ships in a multi-fuel future is a fast approaching reality. Lubricants are essential to the smooth operation and service life of propulsion machinery, but their optimal use is highly dependent on fuel sulphur content.

Regardless of the compliance route chosen, bunkering low sulphur fuel alternatives—versus installation of scrubbers on board- cylinder oil lubricant use will be impacted. The use of one type of fuel oil by the majority of the global fleet accompanied by one type of lubricant will soon become a thing of the past. In the post-2020 industry, the role of the cylinder oil lubricant will become ever more crucial in protecting the engine.

Come and see the Chevron Marine Lubricants team of experts at this year’s Nor-Shipping tradeshow at the Norges Varemesse exhibition centre.

Choosing the right cylinder oil with the correct BN and feed rate can be particularly challenging for ship owners navigating the shift to meeting compliance requirements and bunkering different types of fuel. Having launched the new Taro Ultra range of cylinder oil lubricants in in September 2018, Chevron will use Nor-Shipping to advise and educate the ship owning community on transitioning their cylinder oil lubricant use in preparation for fuel sulphur-constricted operations in 2020.

Chevron will also host a seminar to explore key trends impacting shipping in the run up to the implementation of IMO 2020 emissions legislation on June 4 at 13.00.

During the seminar, Chevron experts and invited speakers will deliver the latest update regarding the IMO 2020 regulation will be discussed, 2020 fuel oil quality aspects as well as guidance on potential operational aspects related to supply and use of 0.50% S fuel oils. The seminar will also provide attendees with the opportunity to explore both lubricant and fuel issues that affect the industry globally and Chevron will provide an update on developments regarding Chevron Marine Lubricants products and services in preparation for 2020. There will be an opportunity for networking and to meet some of Chevron Marine Lubricants team.

Monique Vermeire, Chevron Fuels Technologist, will be speaking at this event. Monique is a member of the CIMAC Fuel Oil WG7, convener of the ISO Classification and Specification of Marine Fuels Working Group and represents Chevron in other industry organizations such as IPIECA and EI.

Additionally, Ian Thurloway our Brand and Marketing Manager will be speaking. Ian has over a decade worth of experience and knowledge within the Marine industry and has been a key member involved in the roll out of Chevron's new cylinder oil range. Ian has vast experience across the Chevron businesses having had roles in trading, aviation and business development before returning to marine lubricants in 2016 and has a degree in mechanical engineering and diesel technology.
Source: Chevron Marine Lubricants

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