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MISC sees steady LNG vessel revenue


MISC Bhd says long-term charters for its liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers and strong demand in the floating production storage

S. Korea: Shipbuilders struggle with foreign workers deserting jobs


Shipbuilders are seeing an increasing number of foreign workers deserting their jobs and escaping from the shipyards, according to industry

Tankers: VLCC Market Still Lackluster




MEG LR2’s saw a welcome rebound this week. A widely reported fixture for a TC20 voyage at $4,100,000 has led the index to just under that level at the moment. TC1 has also climbed 20.62 points to WS138.75. These improvements

The EU agrees on well-to-wake GHG limits to energy used on board ships from 2025

For ships trading in the EU, the EU’s legislative bodies have reached an agreement on the FuelEU Maritime regulation

Singapore is leading the way on taking carbon out of shipping


Last month, Asia was swept by record-breaking temperatures. Fueled by climate change, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, intense

Giant tankers full of American propane are making waves


Not all shipping sectors and shipping stocks are under pressure. Container shipping is mired in pessimism, crude and product tankers

Norstar Ship Management on the MarineLINE(R) Cargo Tank Coating System: A Superior Solution for Efficient and Cost-Effec


When selecting the ideal cargo tank coating system for your marine operations, the choice can significantly impact your operational efficiency

Shipping Corporation’s profit jumps 23pc in Q3 on monopoly on state cargo shipment


The Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC) posted a 23 per cent year-on-year growth in profit to Tk 622 million for the

Data standardisation could propel decarbonization

Shipping is missing a trick with its lack of data standardisation – and the biggest loser will be the

ERS™ drift prediction service growing in popularity among tanker owners


DNV’s drift prediction service has grown in popularity since its launch in June 2022. More than 2,000 ships from 288 companies have now subscribed to the service, the majority of which belong to the tanker market. The feedback from users

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