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ENGINE: East of Suez Fuel Availability Outlook


Bunkering has resumed in Zhoushan and Shanghai as the ports recover from typhoon In-Fa, while another typhoon is about to make landfall in Japan on Tuesday evening.

Singapore’s residual fuel oil stocks added another 6% last week as net imports rose

ABS Leads EMSA Consortium Studying Alternative Fuels and Technologies: Six Studies Explore Biofuels, Ammonia, Hydrogen,


A consortium led by ABS, along with CE Delft and Arcsilea is to perform six studies on alternative fuels and decarbonization technologies for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

It’s a four-year project to study key aspects of the decarbonization of

IMO 2020 and beyond: Guidelines for fuel oil sampling and designated sampling points


The club previously published an artice on the ‘sampling of fuel oil used on board (PSC enforcement criteria)’. This article was published based on the outcome of the 74th session of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC-74).

During MEPC-75 meeting, that

KPI OceanConnect launches future fuels division


KPI OceanConnect today announced the launch of its Alternative Fuels and Special Projects division to enhance its counterparts’ ability to achieve their sustainability ambitions. Bill Wakeling, an expert in marine fuels, will lead the new offering.

As pressure intensifies for the

VLCC Market Stuck to Low Ground


Another week of static rates on the whole in this sector. In the Middle East rates for 280,000mt to US Gulf (routing via the Cape/Cape) remains at the WS18-18.5 level while rates for 270,000mt to China are stuck at around

Fuels of the Future


How do you create carbon neutral, synthetic fuels? Where can they be used? What can be done to accelerate decarbonisation – and, eventually, to replace the use of fossil fuels altogether? – Meet Power-to-X, the new superhero.

Decarbonisation and the fight

In Conversation on the Poseidon Principles


With the creation of the Poseidon Principles, the banking sector is taking the lead on driving decarbonisation and the green revolution in the maritime industry. To discuss and dissect the role of financing in promoting clean shipping, I had a

China ports container volume rises 15% in first half of 2021, Ningbo Containerized Freight Index rises in July


In first half of 2021, the cargo volume of China ports was 7643.3million tons, a year-on-year increase of 13.2%; the container throughput of China ports was138.2million TEU, a year-on-year increase of 15.0%. The chart below shows the cargo throughput and

The outlook for the oil market in 2022


Following a strong rebound in 2021, global economic growth in 2022 is forecast to grow by 4.1%, y-o-y (Graph 1). This forecast assumes continued progress in the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the ongoing broad-based stimulus measures and high

ENGINE: Americas Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook


US bunker ports are well supplied even as fuel oil inventories are down to 18-month lows, while supply is tight in Peru and Ecuador.

Bunker fuel availability continues to be good across key bunkering US ports, despite a recent surge in

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