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ScanReach Launches Gas Detection Capabilities for Enhanced Onboard Safety

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 | 00:00

ScanReach, a pioneer in maritime IoT solutions, announces the launch of its Fire Risk & Onboard Safety domain, enhancing onboard safety through advanced gas detection capabilities. This new domain complements the existing Location Management (ConnectPOB), Fuel & Emissions Monitoring (ConnectFuel), and Cargo Monitoring (ConnectCCM) solutions.

“Our new gas detection capabilities mark the start of ScanReach’s Fire Risk & Onboard Safety domain,” said Sven Brooks, CEO of ScanReach. “ScanReach customers can rely on the OWC as the ever-expanding infrastructure they had expected, revolutionizing connectivity and IoT adoption in maritime transportation.”

Sven-Eric Brooks, CEO, ScanReach

“The gas detection technology is integrated within ScanReach’s comprehensive OWC services, ensuring a robust and holistic safety environment for maritime operations. By confirming compatibility with the Prosense PQN series, we are exploring new potential use cases for gas sensing, complementing existing safety solutions.”

Key features of the advanced gas detection capabilities include:
Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of gas levels with instant alerts for custom thresholds.

Seamless Integration: Fully integrated with ScanReach’s OWC solutions, providing a unified safety and monitoring platform, complementing onboard safety systems.

EX Compliance: Compatible with ScanReach’s recently released EX nodes, wireless gas sensors now extend into the harshest environments.

Enhanced Safety: Early detection and warning, as an enhancement to existing installations or in addition to regulated areas.

“We aim to help our customers, particularly for environmental monitoring, where there is a significant need for gas sensing. By integrating the Prosense PQN series, we can detect over 30 different gases, including methane, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and more. This allows us to cover a wide range of potential hazards and ensure comprehensive safety measures,” said Tor-Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer at ScanReach.

Tor-Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer, ScanReach

As an agnostic wireless network provider, ScanReach encourages and invites other manufacturers and OEMs to utilize the power of resilient, industrial wireless mesh networks.


The gas detection capabilities are now available for all existing and new ScanReach customers.
Source: ScanReach

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