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Dronelab to showcase AI-enhanced pipeline inspection drones at PipelinE & Gas Expo 2024

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | 00:00

Visitors to stand PAD 1. E2 at the Pipeline & Gas Expo in Piacenza Italy 29th–31st May 2024 will discover the future of pipeline inspection, including the new fully customisable AI-enhanced SkyQUBE drone from DroneLab.

DroneLab, a leading European specialist in custom unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), will be bringing its latest SkyQUBE industrial drones to Pipeline & Gas Expo, taking place 29th–31st May at Piacenza Expo in Italy.

The use of UAVs is rapidly transforming pipeline inspection, particularly within the oil and gas industry as a way to save time and money, keep personnel safe, and make more data-driven decisions.

Drone pipeline inspection accounted for nearly 17% of the global drone inspection services market in 2022 and is forecast to grow at a 14.2% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from an estimated USD $336.1 million in 2023 to USD $1.16 billion by the end of 2033.

“Drones offer a compelling value proposition compared to traditional methods of pipeline inspection,” explains Renzo Zucchi, senior vice president at DroneLab. “With pipeline routes spanning vast areas, including difficult or hazardous terrain, drones can cover these large distances more quickly than traditional ground patrols, while keeping personnel safe – and they are quicker and more cost-effective to deploy than helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft.”

Besides taking high-resolution images and video, the latest UAVs can also be equipped with various sensors, including thermal imaging and LiDAR, allowing for detailed data collection on the pipeline’s condition, helping identify leaks, cracks, or other potential problems. The data collected by drones can also be used to create 3D models of the pipeline and surrounding environment, enabling engineers to make better decisions about construction, maintenance, and repairs.

Fully European, fully customisable

SkyQUBE is DroneLab’s own brand of customisable multi-purpose aerial platform, produced at its facility in Tortolì, Sardinia. SkyQUBE drones are constructed using high-strength composite materials, including carbon fibre and Kevlar™ for structural resistance three times higher than steel. This enables them to carry a wide range of sensors and devices up to a total of 8 kg, according to customer need.

“As a European UAV specialist with our own range of fully European products, we have a deeper understanding of the specific needs and challenges of pipeline inspection in Europe – and we are familiar and compliant with European drone regulations, ensuring customers receive the right drone for the job, tailored to their particular requirements,” Zucchi says.

“We are also quick and easy to do business with. Customers can have peace of mind regarding data security and for those who require them, we even offer access to experienced drone pilots to handle inspection operations,” he continues.

Next-level efficiency and scalability with AI

The latest iteration, the SkyQUBE V2, which will be on display at DroneLab’s stand (PAD. 1 E2) at Pipeline & Gas Expo 2024, introduces next-level capabilities with the option to integrate AI features, such as real-time data analysis, autonomous navigation, and predictive maintenance.

DroneLab will also be offering a discount during Pipeline & Gas Expo 2024 for drones or operations directly with the company’s professional pilots.
“As pipeline networks grow, so does the challenge of manual inspections. SkyQUBE drones equipped with AI can handle large-scale inspections efficiently, making the process more scalable and cost-effective. We are excited to meet with potential customers at Pipeline & Gas Expo 2024 to explain what we do and showcase the future of pipeline inspection,” Zucchi concludes.
Source: DroneLab

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