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Could US data centres and AI shake up the global LNG market?


Shale gas has revolutionised the US gas industry over the last 15 years. Huge volumes of low-cost upstream gas have helped push coal out of the power generation mix and underpinned the burgeoning global trade in US LNG exports. The

MABUX: Bunker Prices To Continue Trending Downwards Next Week


Over Week 22, the MABUX global bunker indices still did not have a clear trend and changed sideways. The 380 HSFO index rose by 7.38 USD: from 543.89 USD/MT last week to 551.27 USD/MT. The VLSFO index, on the contrary,

Autonomy will advance maritime decarbonization


The complex decarbonised systems of the future will require autonomous management systems for viable exploitation. These were among some of the key insights shared with delegates at a one-day Automation Summit, part of Singapore Maritime Week earlier this year, which

China’s Port Throughput Continues to Grow; Export Decline Slows Further


Total throughput at China’s ports continued to increase in 1Q24, likely because recovering demand in the US and EU boosted container throughput, Fitch Ratings says.

China’s total cargo throughput rose by 6.1% yoy in 1Q24, supported by foreign trade volume, while

ENGINE: Europe & Africa Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook


Northwest Europe

Availability of HSFO and VLSFO is normal in Rotterdam and in the wider ARA hub, with a trader recommending lead times of 3-5 days for both grades. LSMGO prompt supply has been relatively tighter in the ARA hub.

The ARA’s

Gasum and Equinor have signed a continuation of long-term LNG bunkering agreement


Gasum and Norway-based global energy company Equinor have signed a long-term contract whereby Gasum continues to supply LNG to Equinor’s dual-fuel chartered fleet of vessels. This agreement builds on the success of the previous contract Gasum has had with Equinor.

ENGINE: East of Suez Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook


Singapore and Malaysia

Lead times for VLSFO in Singapore have experienced notable fluctuations recently. Most suppliers recommend lead times of up to nine days for this grade, while some can accommodate stems in as little as two days in port. This

Fuel Cell Technologies and Applications for Deep-Sea Shipping


Decarbonization of the shipping industry is a complex task. Given this complexity, it is important to ensure that all options that can contribute are adequately considered and assessed. While alternative fuels for shipping are a major area of research and

Singapore Carries Out Ship-to-Ship Bunkering of Close to 1,340 Metric Tonnes of Blended Methanol


Singapore is one step closer to developing its full capability to deliver methanol bunkering at a commercial scale. Close to 1,340 metric tonnes (MT) of blended methanol was bunkered ship-to-ship on 24 May 2024 and there will be another operation

Tankers: VLCC Market Down Last Week



MEG LR2’s saw freight spike this week despite a mid-week bank holiday in Singapore. Benefiting from tonnage availability thinning the TC1 rate for 75,000 mt MEG/Japan jumped 19.44 points to WS270 and the 90kt MEG/UK-Continent TC20 voyage went from $7.23

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