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ECS to be supplied to the largest HLV in Europe

Friday, 25 September 2020 | 15:00

On September 10, Techcross contracted to supply the ballast water management system (BWMS) to Europe’s largest heavy lift vessel (HLV). Two sets of ECS 6000B will be delivered by the end of November. According to a sales spokesperson, a high chance of winning additional orders remains as the ship owner who signed the contract currently possesses nine more ships of the same type.

The vessel, famous for its elaborate structure and a scale overwhelming, is capable of carrying about 110,000 tons of cargo, and though designed to move oil or gas facilities, it is even used to transport other ships as an offshore dry dock facility. Considering that the vessel is already using equipment from other various makers, the decision to partner with Techcross ECS as its choice of equipment for essential processes such as ballasting and de-ballasting operations is expected to cause considerable impact on the European market as well as BWMS industry.

“Because of the nature of the heavy ships, it has to deal with large volume of ballast water at one time. In this regard, the operational advantages of the non-filter product have had a significant impact on the contract,” said a Techcross sales person. “For this reason, we expect this contract to bring a positive effect on future business activities, while serving as a good example for ship owners who own large vessels,” he continued. Meanwhile, ECS is the only non-filter product among major BWMS currently sold in the market.
Source: Techcross

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