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No pre-shipment inspection certificate needed for metallic scrap imports at Kattupalli Port from safe countries

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 | 00:00

The government has included Kattupalli Port in the list of sea ports where pre-shipment inspection certificate (PSIC) will not be required for importing metallic scrap from safe countries.

According to a public notice of the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), “import of metallic scrap from safe countries/regions without PSIC can now be facilitated through Kattupalli Port (in Chennai) as well”.

DGFT is an arm of the Commerce Ministry which deals with export and import related matters. The safe countries include the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, besides the European Union.

It said import consignments of metallic waste and scrap shall be subject to PSIC from the country of origin.

“However, metallic waste and scrap (both shredded and unshredded) imported from safe countries/region will not require PSIC if consignments are cleared through the eight ports,” it added.

The other ports are Chennai, Tuticorin, Kandla, JNPT, Mumbai, Krishnapatnam and Mundra.

Consignments from the safe countries and the EU will be accompanied by certificate from the supplier/scarp yard authority to the effect that it does not contain any radioactive materials or explosives.

This will, however, be subject to radiation and explosive checks through portal monitors and container scanner on these ports.

Trans-shipment through these countries will not be allowed at this facility, it added. However, the import through all other ports, irrespective of the country of origin, will be subject to PSIC.
Source: PTI

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