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Shocking bill for flawed asset maintenance

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 | 16:00

Poorly-organised and not-fit-for-purpose asset maintenance schemes at ports are costing ports dearly in misdirected inspections and repairs.

MCP Consulting Group chief executive Peter Gagg has told Port Strategy that a review and revision of maintenance plans could typically result in a reduction of 10%-20% in tasks and the associated hours dedicated to those.

Further, Mr Gagg is convinced that too many port groups lack a unified maintenance policy and are missing out on money-saving optimisation opportunities.

“It is not unusual to find that an organisation can be improved through better-structured maintenance and by identifying things that can improve equipment reliability, which will ultimately reduce costs,” he said.

Return on investment in an asset maintenance overhaul could be as quick as a year, depending on the size of the organisation.

Mr Gagg recommends that ports invest in a single central repository for quality information and document control, which would then allow engineers real-time access support.
Source: Port Strategy

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