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No-deal Brexit means major disruption

Friday, 23 August 2019 | 12:00

Leaked documents predict major disruption at British ports in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The ‘Yellowhammer’ government documents show that if the UK leave the EU without a deal there could be three months of delays at UK ports, while up to 85% of lorries travelling through the main Channel crossings “may not be ready” for French customs by the current Brexit deadline of 31 October, said the Sunday Times, which has gained access to the report.

The worst disruption to the short Channel crossings might last three months, although disruption could go on for much longer, outlined the documents.

In a “reasonable worst-case scenario”, the disruption could leave HGVs facing maximum delays of 1½-2½ days before being able to cross the border.

Transport disruption is likely to affect the supply of medicine, food and fuel, said the documents.

However, MP Michael Gove, in charge of no-deal Brexit plans, said the documents are based on a “worst-case scenario”.

“Yellowhammer is a worst-case scenario – v significant steps have been taken in the last 3 weeks to accelerate Brexit planning,” Mr Gove ‘tweeted’ on Twitter.
Source: Port Strategy

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