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Scotline Confirm Third Newbuild – Scot Ranger

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 | 16:00

Scotline Marine Holdings are pleased to announce that we've ordered a third newbuild vessel from Royal Bodewes which is due for delivery by the end of 2020.
Scotline are pleased to confirm that we've ordered a third newbuild from Royal Bodewes yard in Holland. She will adopt the name ‘Scot Ranger' which has not been used since we sold the previous vessel last year.

This vessel will be a sister to the Scot Carrier (launched November 2018) and the Scot Explorer (due for launch November 2019). Although the same design of vessel, the new Scot Ranger will be ice class 1A. This makes her ideal for our liner services out of the Baltic.

The build of the Scot Explorer is progressing well at Royal Bodewes yard in Hoogezand. She is our second newbuild with Bodewes. She has the majority of the steel-work finished and is looking pristine under the careful eyes of our superintendent. For the non-technical among us, he tells us that the vessel isn't actually ready to launch yet and that there's something missing. We're not sure what, answers on a post card!
Source: Scotline

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