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Centrica contracts Survitec for rough gas rigging lofts

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 | 00:00

Offshore oil and gas operator Centrica Storage Limited (CSL) has awarded Survitec a contract to supply height safety and rigging equipment to the Rough 47/3 Bravo platform, located 29km (18 miles) off the East coast of Yorkshire in the Southern North Sea.

The contract, which adds to an existing agreement relating to the supply and servicing of liferafts, life jackets and suits, is indicative of the market appeal of Survitec's new SOLAS 360 concept.

Survitec will supply height safety and rigging equipment to the Rough 47/3 Bravo platform (Image courtesy of Centrica Storage Ltd, CSL)

SOLAS 360 ensures assets are always safe and regulatory compliant by optimising the servicing of equipment and related costs through one supplier.

Daniel Howlett-Clarke, Business Sector Manager, Survitec, said: “We have been partnering with CSL with the provision of life saving appliances, so are delighted to have been awarded this new agreement covering the lease of rigging lofts, the industry term for height safety and rigging equipment. Survitec's management of this kit means the 47/3B facility will have equipment that is always properly maintained and certified to the industry's exacting standards.”

All equipment will be serviced and inspected in accordance with the guidance provided by Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and the manufacturers' instructions. The contract will be implemented with the assistance of Survitec's Industrial Team in Grimsby.

The scope of supply includes height safety equipment inspection and maintenance; safety lines and ladder systems; harnesses, winches, inertial reels and personnel recovery systems and accessories, such as helmets, ropes, carabiners and Survitec's Walk-to-Work SurviKit Bag.

The agreement also includes the provision of Survitec's C-SAM certification management system, which now provides remote access capabilities for end users to view and manage certificates, inspection status, test histories and compliance requirements via an online portal.

Survitec is currently working on a similar project with an offshore renewables company.
Source: Survitec

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