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CAD$37m to overhaul transport logistics

Thursday, 15 August 2019 | 00:00

A Canadian port is set to benefit from CAD$37m funding to increase transport efficiency, capacity, and security by reducing waiting times and bottlenecks for container movement.

The investment in the Port of Montreal will be split equally between the port and the government, with the latter’s funding to be spent on IT, infrastructure and a communications network.

“Close to 1.7 million containers transited through the port’s container terminals in 2018, an increase of 9 percent compared to 2017. The trucking industry appreciates Minister Garneau’s announcement as it recognizes the expanding economic importance of the Port of Montreal and the role the trucking industry plays in the Port’s success,” said Patrick Turcotte, CTA Board member and the recent past Chairperson of the Quebec Trucking Association.

The Government of Canada funding will be used for an IT system for truck logistics that allows drivers to pre-register for the port’s terminals to regulate traffic flow; and building a railway bridge outside the truck entrance to improve truck traffic at the port; deploying a series of electronic signs on the port lands that will provide real-time information for truck drivers; and developing an intelligent communications network to reduce truck traffic in the vicinity of the port.

Mr Turcotte added: “An efficient port process could lead to greater economic growth in the area and perhaps less trucks needed to serve the Port despite economic expansion, which is a win for the industry, the economy and the environment.”
Source: Port Strategy

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