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New Robot Launch and Deloitte Nomination

Monday, 21 December 2020 | 17:00

The maritime industry is one of the most energy consuming sectors in the world as international shipping is accounted for almost 3% of global energy-related CO2. In recent years, environmental sustainability has become a major policy concern in global maritime transport. The IMO is currently making great efforts to reduce emissions related to shipping by introducing rules for a greener shipping industry. One of the most recent legislations are the energy labels on vessels, indicating how “green” these are on a scale from A to E, representing an operational carbon intensity rating. It has become a pressing matter for companies within the maritime sector to create a competitive advantage achieved by sustainable practices, as the world is shifting to a mindset more aware of the environment and the impact that humans have on it.

Fleet Cleaner is one of the exceptions in the maritime sector which achieved to run their business operations and make profit without having a negative impact on the environment due to CO2 emissions. Fleet Cleaner is a company focused on the removal of fouling from the hulls of vessels with the help of ROV’ s, which consecutively reduces the consumption of fuel of the vessels by up to 10% and thus cuts CO2 emissions significantly. Throughout the past three years, Fleet Cleaner has experienced exponential growth which has led the company to end up 6th on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards 2020, which ranks the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands. This supposes a huge milestone for Fleet Cleaner, as this is the first time the company has been nominated for the ranking.

On top of this, many developments have been occurring in the company’s engineering and operations department, as Fleet Cleaner has designed, developed and constructed it’s 3rd generation of hull cleaning ROV’s, which currently has its finishing touches added and will be launched by the beginning of 2021. This new ROV uses high-pressure water jets for the cleaning of the ship’s hull. Dependent on the coating type, the condition, and the fouling severity it is possible to continuously adapt the water pressure to ensure a good cleaning result without damaging the coating.

Fleet Cleaner’s ROV is attached with a magnetic force to the ship’s hull. This makes the attachment and driving of the robot independent from the cleaning. It also enables the robot to clean in all weather conditions and in places with strong currents such as the Scheldt river in Antwerp. In such places, where the visibility is near zero, our own developed localization and navigation software are of great advantage. This sophisticated software enables us to clean in areas of the vessel where divers or other underwater contractors cannot operate. It ensures a full cleaning coverage of the vessel. The ROV size is approx. 2×1,8×0,8m and weighs about 800 kg above water. Just like the size and weight of an old Volkswagen Golf. With the new ROV’s we can reach production rates over 1300 m2/h.

Fleet Cleaner has designed the ROV’s in such a way that all fouling is captured and transported to our support vessel. On this vessel, we have a 20ft container fully equipped with advanced filter equipment to make sure only clean water is released back into the ports. This makes it possible to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.
Our support vessels are built for 24/7 continuous operations with multiple crew shifts.
Source: Fleet Cleaner

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