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The ASA Welcomes India’s Accession to the HKC

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 | 12:00

The Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) welcomes the recent accession of India, and recognizes final step toward enactment of HKC is approaching. India, as one of the top volume ship recycling countries in the world, became the15th contracting state to the Hong Kong International Convention (known as HKC and adopted in 2009) for the Safe and Environmentally-Sound Recycling of Ships.

After the recent accession by Ghana, this is really a memorial turning point by fulfillment of required number of contracting countries for enactment of the convention, enabling expectation of getting closer to the effective of fulfilling remaining two conditions (required size of fleet and ship recycling capacity of contracting countries). ASA fully appreciates the energetic upgrading of ship recycling yards and operations in India taken by joint efforts among ship recyclers, shipowners, governments and labor unions concerned, as well as class associations which are the driving force for accession and by which we are strongly hoping to transplant this kind of joint work success to other ship recycling countries.

As an international industry, the shipping sector requires safe and environmentallysound recycling yards throughout the world and believes that geographically-balanced ship recycling can only be achieved by international regulation, namely the HKC. The HKC covers the design, construction, operation and maintenance of ships, and preparation for ship recycling in order to facilitate safe and environmentally-sound recycling without compromising the safety and operational efficiency of ships. Under the HKC, ships to be sent for recycling are required to carry an inventory of hazardous materials, specific to each ship. Ship recycling yards are required to provide a “Ship Recycling Plan” that specifies the manner in which each ship will be recycled, depending on its particulars and its inventory.

“ASA strongly recommends its members to send ships to HKC-compliant yards or yards in the process of being certified in order to fulfill their obligation as good global citizens who are strongly and firmly committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in compliance with HKC. The majority of ocean-going vessels are built in Asia and eventually return to Asia at the end of their life. ASA, as witness of life of vessels and one of the core stakeholders, will continue to be actively involved in green ship recycling, especially for early enactment of HKC. We are hoping both China and Bangladesh as key countries will soon speed up ratification process,“ said Mr. Ron T. Y. Huang, Chairman of ASA Ship Recycling Committee.
Source: Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA)

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