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Hogia delivers terminal system to Ports of Stockholm

Thursday, 17 December 2015 | 00:00

As part of the urban development of Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Ports of Stockholm is redeveloping Värtahamnen. The entire port area will be partially relocated to make space for new city districts. The new port will be made more efficient and safe. Hogia will supply the terminal system responsible for handling goods transports.

Värtahamnen is one of Stockholm’s largest port areas and handles four million passengers and 1.7 million tonnes of goods each year. Hogia’s terminal system must handle goods transports, all the way from arrival into the port to loading on-board the ship for onward transport. The terminal system has an open interface, which allows integration with other systems of importance to port operation, such as the gate system and the shipping companies’ booking systems. Information is sent between the systems in real time and the trailers that are located in the harbour can be tracked throughout their time there.

“Information flows through the terminal system from many parties and systems with as little manual handling as possible, which makes administration easier and results in an efficient and safe handling of goods transports,” says Lars Tingström at Hogia.

For those tasks that need to be handled manually, e.g. unloading or moving goods within the port area, the terminal system offers operational support. Truck drivers receive work orders directly, with information on where the trailer is located and how it must be handled. If dangerous goods are involved, the truck driver also receives information on the type of goods. The port’s central control system can retrieve the position of the goods at any time. If a crisis situation should arise, an action plan can be established quickly, based on the current position of all goods.

“Our investment of SEK 2.8 billion will create a port that is adapted to today’s ferry traffic, effective planning and not least, a secure environment for both our employees and our customers,” says Jan Antonsson, project manager for Ports of Stockholm.

Hogia’s terminal system is one component in an overall ITS-system (Intelligent Transport Systems) for which Swarco is main supplier.
The new port in Värtan will be completed in 2016. The port will have then received a new passenger terminal and five new, modern quay berths. Environment is a priority issue for Ports of Stockholm, which works actively as a client and operator, to contribute towards creating secure and sustainable transport. The environmental work is an integrated part of daily operations.
Source: Hogia Group

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