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Large-scale European LNG-project coming to a close in the port of Rotterdam

Thursday, 17 December 2015 | 10:00

The port of Rotterdam is the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) hub in Europe and plays a pioneering role in the introduction of this fuel. With good reason the three year LNG Masterplan, a European subsidy project based around liquefied natural gas, will be holding its closing celebrations in Rotterdam. The celebrations also coincide with another joyful event: the Coral Anthelia will be mooring at Rotterdam. It is the 50th LNG ship to bring LNG to Rotterdam this year.


Tankers from all over the world transport the gas to the GATE terminal at the Maasvlakte, after which it is distributed all over Europe. The port of Rotterdam is not just the ideal hub for the continent, it also plays a leading role in the reforming of regulations and the construction of the necessary infrastructure. For LNG tankers, trucks, seagoing vessels and inland waterway vessels, liquefied gas is an interesting choice of fuel: it reduces harmful emissions, reduces maintenance requirements, has a higher energy value and its use is encouraged by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Seagoing vessels and inland waterway vessels are for instance given a discount on their seaport dues and inland harbour dues.

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube
On Thursday 31 December the three year LNG Masterplan, a European project which involved the collaboration of 34 partners from 13 countries, will be coming to an end. To bring the project to a fitting conclusion, a closing event is being held from Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 December. Over the days to come, the RDM site will host 250 guests from all over Europe, who will be welcomed at the site by three LNG trucks and two LNG tankers.

From the Maasvlakte to the rest of Europe
You can see how all that liquefied gas is collected from around the world and then distributed throughout the rest of Europe in the attached infographic.
Source: Port Of Rotterdam

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