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Clean Maritime Plan

Monday, 22 July 2019 | 00:00

The UK Chamber warmly welcomes the launch of the Government’s Clean Maritime Plan and its extremely ambitious aims which are essential if we are to meet the challenge of reducing global warming. We fully endorse the Government’s commitment to launch a call for evidence on incentives to support the transition to zero emission shipping and its support for clean maritime innovation which will be vital if the ambitions are to be met.

The Chamber is proud to have been part of this very important initiative between Government and industry. There is no greater challenge facing humanity than containing and reducing global warming and nor are there many greater threats to all the species of fauna and flora that share this planet with us. Whilst shipping is by far the most environmentally sound method of transporting goods and people, it too needs to do all it can to reduce its environmental footprint, including CO2 emissions. In recent years the Chamber and its membership have been at the forefront of driving positive environmental change and it looks forward to continuing this vital work with the UK Government.

The clean maritime plan was published on 11 July 2019 and is part of the government’s Clean Air Strategy, which aims to cut down air pollution across all sectors to protect public health and the environment. It will also help deliver the United Kingdom’s commitment to be net zero on greenhouse gases by 2050.

The plan includes a £1 million competition to find innovative ways to reduce maritime emissions and is published alongside a call for evidence to reduce emissions on UK waterways and domestic vessels and sets an ambition for all new ships for UK waters ordered from 2025 to be designed with zero-emission capable technologies. The government is also looking at ways to incentivise the transition to zero-emission shipping and will consult on this next year.

Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani said:

Our maritime sector is vital to the success of the UK’s economy, but it must do everything it can to reduce emissions, improve air quality and tackle climate change.

The clean maritime plan sets an ambitious vision for the sector and opens up exciting opportunities for innovation. It will help make the UK a global hub for new green technologies in the maritime sector.

The maritime sector has already taken significant strides to reduce emissions – hybrid ferries are already being used in UK waters, including in the Scottish islands and on cross-Solent journeys to the Isle of Wight.

Guidance has also today been issued to ports to assist them in developing air quality strategies. This will both address their own operations and support improving air quality across the country.

A further consultation to increase the uptake of low carbon fuels will also take place next year.

The clean maritime plan is part of the government’s Maritime 2050, a long-term strategy published in January 2019 to keep the UK as a world leader in the maritime sector for decades to come.
Source: UK Chamber of Shipping

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