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SOGET digital platforms handle more than half a million secured messages a day

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 | 00:00

SOGET, the IT specialist in intelligent and secure systems dedicated to port traffic performance, can boast of the « data processing power » of its digital platforms with a total of 522,852 messages exchanged a day. The French software publisher, which equips more than 50 port and airport facilities on 4 continents, is expecting a growth of more than 10% in 2019. At the end of the year, SOGET will have implemented S)ONE – its brand-new Port Community System (PCS) – on the Seine axis in France, in Jamaica and in Democratic Republic of Congo, before getting on with the upgrading of other AP+ ports to S)ONE, starting from Spring 2020.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2011, SOGET has developed its fourth generation of PCS, S)ONE with the latest Microsoft technologies. The company is expert in Microsoft PowerBI – a data management and restitution application engine included in S)ONE – as well as in Microsoft Cloud Azure, already implemented in Jamaica, where SOGET has successfully installed the first cloud-hosted PCS in the world. S)ONE services are thus available on secure remote servers accessible via the Internet, offering both computing power and information storage flexibility.

The ongoing deployment of S)ONE on the Seine Axis, the French main logistics corridor, is a competitive booster for economic stakeholders. This strengthens the attractiveness of port and logistics communities. Nearly 80% of transactions are made via EDI(1). As a result, 3,000 interfaces to the information systems of the Seine Axis customers are currently being developed.

“The company is involved in many R&D projects. One of the main areas of innovation is how to bring even more value-added services to our customers out of these millions of data. SOGET’s great strength is the reliability of the data exchanged. Indeed, the community and public-private dimension of our digital platform makes it possible to aggregate, compare and correct data and thus makes it the most accurate source for our customers.” explains Hervé Cornède, Chairman of SOGET’s Management Board.

Definitely market-focused, SOGET offers innovative services such as e-payment by connecting S)ONE to banks in Africa, an e-permit module that dematerializes the various import-export certificates and licenses or, recently, the EasyBrexit module.

Being part of the “French Tech”, SOGET hires eighty(2) IT professionals: developer analysts, software architects, network administrators, systems engineers, EDI engineers… who contribute every day to secure computerized data exchanges between SOGET electronic platform and the information systems of private and public stakeholders, that form the port and logistics communities. SOGET team, fully located in company's headquarters in Normandy, ensures data protection and high system availability (99.5% in average) through robust business continuity protocols and forerunning technologies.

SOGET has a neutral shareholding structure that guarantees both the independence and security of customer data. Therefore, SOGET acts as a trusted third party(3) for all private (logisticians, carriers, or more recently shippers…) and public (customs, port authorities, administrations…) stakeholders of its community platforms.
Source: SOGET

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