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Navis Professional Services, Software & Support Speed the Enterprise Journey to a Modern Terminal Operating System

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 | 13:00

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, and provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading terminal operators, has reached a new milestone that reinforces its unparalleled partnership position in the market with terminals across the globe. Today, the company announced that since June 2015, seven more terminals have gone live on the Navis N4 Terminal Operating System (TOS):

1. Peel Ports, UK

2. ACT Burgas Port, Bulgaria

3. Sand Island, Honolulu, Hawaii

4. Marport, Istanbul, Turkey

5. Ports of Auckland, New Zealand

6. Libra Terminals Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso, Chile

This concentrated series of go-lives covers every region of the world and brings the total number of live N4 terminals to 118.

The success and volume of terminal go-lives this summer is largely attributable to the partnership and collaboration that the Navis Professional Services team establishes with its customers to ensure TOS implementation success. The comprehensive implementation services offered by Navis include the integration of operational technologies with the TOS, pre and post go-live system testing, infrastructure analysis, operational performance tuning, support for product extensions and in-depth staff training. These specialized planning and implementation services are available to help terminals ensure a seamless move to N4, whether from a legacy in-house system, another third-party system or from legacy Navis SPARCS/Express TOS.

“Terminal operators can leverage a variety of implementation options with Navis Professional Services ranging from a complete implementation package to self-implementation support, or a combination of both,” said Scott Fleming, VP of Navis Professional Services. “We’ve been working hard to expand our team, our skills and improve our standard service offerings for customers, to enable terminals to achieve their anticipated ROI more quickly.”

As challenges in the ocean shipping industry become more complex due to larger vessels, carrier alliances, increasing container volumes and massive infrastructure expansion projects, container terminals worldwide will continue to seek strategic technology partners, rather than software vendors. These partnerships not only help to improve operations today, but also prepare and fortify terminals for the needs of tomorrow. The newest set of N4 implementations, consisting of both new and existing terminal customers from around the world, reinforces the continued market demand for Navis services, software and support as a way to transform terminal operations.

Peel Ports

The Port of Liverpool, owned and operated by Peel Ports, completed implementation and went live with N4 in June. As operator of one of the largest ports in the UK, Peel Ports decided to implement N4 to complement the upcoming completion of Liverpool2, a deep-water container terminal, which will double existing container capacity. With N4 in place, the Port of Liverpool will be able to optimize operations as well as improve service for its customers and the local trucking community. As it stands, the Port of Liverpool currently sees over 40 million tons of freight move through its docks.

ACT Burgas

ACT Burgas, one of only two major Bulgarian ports in the black sea, went live with N4 in mid-June. Its decision to modernize port operations and implement N4 comes alongside significant investment in new port infrastructure, equipment (including mobile harbor cranes, reachstackers and terminal tractors) and a reorganized internal operating structure. N4 will be instrumental for Burgas to achieve desired levels of efficiency and operational productivity. ACT Burgas hopes to increase its productivity from 11 to 18 moves per hour per crane and from 22 to 36 moves per hour per vessel, respectively.

Hawaii Stevedores, Inc., A Pasha Group Company and Pier 1

Hawaii Stevedores, Inc., A Pasha Group Company in Honolulu, Hawaii completed its implementation of N4, at both Sand Island and Pier 1 Terminals in June. It also had one of the shortest implementation periods in Navis history, as it went live just three months after signing its agreement with Navis. With the purchase of Horizon’s Hawaii trade assets, Hawaii Stevedores, Inc., A Pasha Group Company acquired its own container terminal at Pier 51A on Sand Island in Honolulu, handling 290K TEU per year. Replacing SPARCS and their in-house system, N4 supports full-service logistics at the terminal, enabling it to provide a wider variety of high-quality shipping and logistics services to its customers, while also providing a smooth acquisition transition.


Marport, located within the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey, completed its N4 TOS implementation in early July as a component of its expansion project to reach 2.3 million TEUs by the end of 2015. Marport currently can handle 16,500 TEU ships, with more than 150 vessel calls per month. Migrating from SPARCS/EXPRESS to N4, Marport cited the Navis team in helping to facilitate a smooth go-live and ensuring there was no impact on terminal operations.

“As traffic to our port increases, it is essential that we optimize all aspects of our operations to ensure we achieve maximum productivity. N4 will be instrumental in helping us sustain our high service levels, increase performance, streamline billing, as well as position the terminal competitively in the region with future trade in mind,” said Ozgur Kalelioglu, VP of Arkas Port and Terminal Services Group.

Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland, one of New Zealand’s busiest trading hubs and the fourth largest container terminal in Australasia, went live with the N4 TOS at the end of July. Following a two-year self-implementation project to replace its PACTS/SPARCS combination TOS, Ports of Auckland expects to handle around 1 million TEUs a year and rising with the aid of N4. Ports of Auckland has been able maintain smooth gate operations and high productivity of over 35 crane moves per hour while completing the Navis TOS go-live.

Libra Terminais Rio

Libra Terminais Rio, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, migrated from SPARCS and a third party host to the N4 TOS in early August. The Libra Terminais T1 Rio implementation included multiple product extensions including a cargo interface, new portal appointment system and warehouse management system. Libra Terminais Rio is the first go-live in a multi-facility N4 implementation project for Libra Terminais, with the second at Libra Terminais Santos scheduled for completion later this year.

Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso

Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso (TPSV) is located in the southern Pacific Ocean on the coast of Chile. TPSV is known as the main transportation hub for the region handling approximately 1,000,000 TEUs each year and is also responsible for the country’s general cargo shipments. TPSV went live with N4 on August 29 replacing its legacy in-house system.
Source: Navis

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