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Hans Jensen Lubricators acquires Danish research and development firm

Monday, 16 April 2018 | 16:00

Hans Jensen Lubricators, the leading international supplier of cylinder lubrication systems for two-stroke marine and power plant applications. The company has acquired a majority stake in ADNOX A/S.

ADNOX A/S has developed and patented a catalytic converter-based system, which uses normal diesel oil to convert the dangerous nitrogen compounds (NOx), which are formed in diesel engines, into water and nitrogen. The traditional catalytic convertor system uses urea for the conversion. Urea is better known as AdBlue from the car industry.

From left: Peder Naesbor CEO of Chris-Invest, Rasmus H. Jensen CEO of Hans Jensen Lubricators, Hans Peter Jensen chairman of Hans Jensen Lubricators' board of directors, Ole Fanøe CEO of ADNOX.

Since diesel oil is already present and delivered to ships, the new ADNOX system no longer requires additional transport and storage of the substance. The ADNOX system can be used on both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The energy from the consumed oil is converted into heat, which can be used for the production of electricity or water. The system is approved by DNV-GL for use on ships.

Rasmus H. Jensen, CEO of Hans Jensen Lubricators, says: “ADNOX has developed an exciting technology, which has value for our customers and we therefore see synergistic effects between ADNOX and Hans Jensen Lubricators. The acquisition can therefore strengthen our position towards the global merchant fleet.”

From left: Rasmus H. Jensen CEO of Hans Jensen Lubricators, Peder Naesbor CEO of Chris-Invest, Ole Fanøe CEO of ADNOX, Hans Peter Jensen chairman of Hans Jensen Lubricators' board of directors.

Ole Fanøe, founder and CEO of ADNOX A/S, says: “With Hans Jensen Lubricators' 100 years of experience within production and global sales to the maritime industry, we see the acquisition as a strengthening of our opportunities, for us to become a manufacturing company with global sales.”

Early investor Chris-Invest A/S and Ole Fanøe will continue as co-owners of ADNOX A/S.
Source: Hans Jensen Lubricators

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