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Brazil to launch second phase of logistics plan

Monday, 21 December 2015 | 20:00

In Brazil, the second phase of the government’s National Ports Logistics Plan (PNLP) is scheduled to be launched in December, according to the ports minister Helder Barbalho.
The PNLP is a planning instrument aimed at shaping the ports industry and is the responsibility of the ministry. It is being developed to boost overall capacity through either investment or upgrades.

“The PNLP will serve both this and future generations, be they in the private or public sector, in terms of [increasing] efficiency, competitiveness and growth,” he said.
According to ministry figures, in 2014, capacity uptake at ports was in the region of 63%, while overall volume handled amounted to 900m tons, although existing infrastructure could accommodate up to 1.43bn tons.

Nevertheless, the minister forecasts possible growth of up to 103% between 2014 and 2042.
To realise their potential, ports will require public and private investment of $13bn, with the former contributing $1bn in dredging and port upgrades, while the latter will provide $5bn in the form of new terminals, $4bn for new concessions and $3bn for concession renewals.

The minister also confirmed that four new areas will be put out to concession on December 9: one in Vila do Conde (PA) and three in Santos. These should generate investment of $300,000.
Source: PortStrategy

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