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Tianjin port to blossom

Monday, 27 July 2015 | 11:00
In the past 15 years, it has created "Tianjin port speed" that is rare in the world's port history and grown to be the world's fourth and Northern China's largest port. With multiple favorable  policies such as "One Belt and One Road", Free Trade Zone and Binhai New Area, the large seaport, with a century' history, is ready to embrace the opportunities and continue the resplendence.

"At present, we have 120 container liner freight courses, over 500 voyages per month, and trade contacts with over 180 countries and regions in the world." What makes Kong Weidong, Deputy Head of Container Business Department, Tianjin Port Group, feel really proud is that the largest and most advanced container vessel in the world can go in and out the harbor district freely, Tianjin Port has marched into "large vessel era".

"Large vessel era" means speed and efficiency for the port. Currently there is obvious trend of large-size vessel in shipping industry, which raises higher requirements on the freight course construction, equipment renewal and management capacity of ports. "The one who can keep up in time will be able to grasp the chance for development as well as the shipping market". Chen Tao, Head of Propaganda Department of Party Committee, Tianjin Port Group, said that Tianjin port can renew the market "records" continuously because of constant innovation.

As far as the development ideas are concerned, Tianjin port abandoned decidedly the traditional concept of "using deepwater deeply and shallow water shallowly"and put forward the target of building international large deepwater port proactively. After years' efforts, Tianjin port has become the highest rank artificial deepwater port in the world. On January 1st, Tianjin port also started to use compound shipping lanes officially, which means the navigation capacity goes from "two lanes" to "four lanes" and the traffic efficiency is improved by nearly 30 percent.

"At present, Tianjin port is building the most advanced full-automatic container dock of China. With laser ranging and like driverless, it will not affected by weather at all. After it is built, only dozens of people will be needed to manage this smart dock, which has a throughput capacity of 3 million standard containers," Chen Tao said.

On the one hand, make traditional port business precisely. On the other hand, seek for changes actively and develop in a diversified way, leverage strength simultaneously in sectors such as international logistics, port engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, and port comprehensive auxiliary services, Tianjin port is transforming and upgrading from "transport hub" to "global resources allocation hub".

Tianjin port is the only port of China that has three land bridge cross-border passages including Manzhouli, Erenhot and Alataw Pass (Khorgos), and is also the starting point for China to connect the new Eurasia Land Bridge economic corridor and China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor.

"Through the construction of sea and land freight course network, Tianjin port has formed a completely closed loop, its role as a strategic support is self-evident". Long Lei, Doctor of Tianjin Port Research Center, said that Tianjin port can further accelerate transformation and upgrading by taking the advantages of the important strategies like "One Belt and One Road".

The positioning as a strategic support of "One Belt and One Road" is becoming the new navigation mark for the future development of Tianjin port. From sea to land and with land bridge cross-border passage and sea-land combined transport as the carriers, build a clear international logistics passage; from land to sea, push the harbor function, port function and free trade function to extend to the heartland of China and build ship route network covering main global ports . Tianjin port has established 25dry ports in Beijing, Hengshui and Tangshan of Hebei, and 5 regional marketing centers in Yinchuan, Shijiazhuang, thus realizing full-radiation to the main heartland of the port.

For the expansion of port comprehensive service function, Tianjin port, relying on the advantages of free trade zone, promotes the construction of Dongjiang National Import Trade Promotion & Innovation Demonstration Area, sets up bulk commodity trading market, innovatively implements e-commerce projects such as "online dry port", promotes the integrated development of finance and other businesses such as port loading & unloading and international logistics, and further improves the level of investment and trade facilitation.

"In summary, what we do are one base, two conveniences and several platforms." Wang Yu, Vice Manager of General Affairs Department, Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area International Trade Service Co., Ltd., said that Tianjin port has set up trade service company as early as before the free trade zone area was established, which was aimed at promoting investment and trade facilitation by providing platform services and finally forming several specific trade platforms such as vehicle trade platform and liquor trade platform, etc.

The International Cruise Home Port is another beautiful business card for Tianjin port to expand general service function. On the wharf of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, the large advertisement for the maiden trip of "Ovation of The Seas" in June 2016 is very eye-catching. Wu Da, Principal of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, said that as one of the newest and most advanced cruises of Royal Caribbean International, "Ovation of The Seas" selects Tianjin port for its first trip as the company values the huge potential for Tianjin port to develop cruise economy.

"Actively integrate into the construction of 'One Belt and One Road', combine closely with the State's great strategies such as synergetic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Tianjin free trade zone, and national independent innovation demonstration area, Tianjin port will hopefully become a strong support to the deep opening and development of China's south-north interaction and east-west combination", said Zhang Lili, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Port Group.
Source: China Economic Net
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