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Port of Shimizu sees increase in box throughput

Wednesday, 14 August 2019 | 00:00

The Port of Shimizu handled 49,736 TEUs of containers in July, growing 6.5% from a year earlier and registering the first year-on-year improvement in three months, according to a preliminary announcement made by the Shizuoka Prefectural Government’s Shimizu Port Authority. The total consisted of 42,327 TEUs of international containers, up 7.8%, and 7,409 TEUs of domestic containers, down 0.3%. In the first seven months (January-July), 327,439 TEUs were moved to and from Shimizu, up 2.1%, which were made up of 277,540 TEUs of foreign-trade containers, up 2%, and 49,899 TEUs of interior-trade containers, up 2.6%.

In July, 15,252 TEUs of loaded containers were exported from Shimizu, down 8.8%, while imports surged 12.6% to 20,403 TEUs. Empty containers totaled 6,672 TEUs, up 50.5%. Domestically, 3,596 TEUs of full containers were moved from Shimizu, up 72.8%, and 1,053 TEUs to the port, down 20.1%. A total of 2,760 TEUs of unloaded containers were carried to and from Shimizu, down 31.6%.

In January-July, Shimizu exported 105,645 TEUs of full containers, down 9.9%, and imported 8,055 TEUs, down 5.3%. Empties swelled 26.6% to 38,441 TEUs. In respect to domestic containers, 18,239 TEUs of loaded containers were shipped from Shimizu, up 65.6%, and 8,042 TEUs to the port, down 22.2%. Empty containers totaled 23,618 TEUs, down 13.5%.
Source: JIFFA

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