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Dublin Port sets new container charges to make space for Brexit

Thursday, 11 April 2019 | 20:00

Dublin Port is halving the time it will allow shipping containers to be held for free and doubling charges for subsequent storage in order to increase space for Brexit.

The State’s busiest port, accounting for the vast majority of freight coming in and out of the country, is to decrease the “dwell time” for container storage and increasing the daily charges to free up capacity.

New customs checks and veterinary inspection posts set up to cope with UK imports after Brexit have taken up eight hectares of land at the growing port that it would otherwise expand into it for commercial and development opportunities. As a result, the port is looking to maximise use of existing space at the port.

The new charges and restrictions will apply from June 1st to one of three container terminals at the port, the terminal operated by Doyle Shipping Group that is owned and controlled by Dublin Port Company.

“The motivation is very simple: the faster the cargo moves through the port, the more capacity the port has,” said the port’s chief executive Eamonn O’Reilly.

“The immediate timing is actually driven by Brexit because we have just lost about a quarter of the land available to expand into because of Brexit.”
Source: Irish Times

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