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Jamaica-Panama Activates Port, Aviation Management Agreement

Saturday, 30 June 2018 | 00:00

The management of ports and aviation systems is one of the major areas of collaboration in the joint commission between Jamaica and Panama. An agreement for the establishment of the joint commission was signed in June 2016 and has now been activated. The agreement seeks to provide a framework to foster the exchange of technical expertise.

“During the meeting, both delegations agreed to work together in the area of port management and logistics, with particular emphasis on human resource training and guidance in using technology to improve port efficiency,” said Senator Pearnel Charles Jr, state minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade during a press conference at the ministry’s office in New Kingston yesterday.

The civil aviation authorities in both countries are moving to develop a communication protocol, and the state minister is pleased with the attention on airspace safety.

“Air traffic services inter-facility data communication will most certainly put Jamaica in a better position to have timely and reliable exchange of data for the safe conduct of flights, reduce human errors, and increase airspace efficiency,” Charles explained.

MarÌa Luisa Navarro, Panama’s vice minister of multilateral affairs and cooperation, said that the two-year time frame used to develop the bilateral framework was commendable, based on the complexities of international relations. She implored both countries to ensure that the agreement bears fruit.

She remarked: “The commission … becomes successful only if our institutions are empowered and believe in their initiatives. We highly encourage our Panamanian delegation here and our counterparts in Jamaica to pursue their objectives.”
Source: Jamaica-Gleaner

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